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At Science Pants, we are dedicated to constantly learning and exploring, and we love to share our findings in accessible, unconventional, and beautiful ways. As sisters, we're excited to merge the fields we've explored independently: scientific research and design and apparel production. Scientific research is often conducted behind very closed doors and published in ways that only a few people can access, when in reality, there is so much knowledge that can benefit everyone! Similarly, the clothes you wear send messages to yourself and others, whether or not you intend to convey information. Science Pants empowers wearers and encourages easy, fun conversations that can exchange useful, powerful information. Whether you're wearing an image to emulate its functionality, to draw strength, or simply to rock a beautifully expressed bit of information, knowledge is power! 

Our main objective is to always keep learning and sharing while designing and producing clothing for active lifestyles. A healthy body is a healthy mind, and a mind constantly learning leads to health, purpose, and happiness.  We strive to use eco-friendly fabrics and innovative production techniques, and we test-wear every product for at least a week before selling it. We seek to deliver scientific musings and insights to every person, whether or not you're scientifically inclined.