About Us

The way Science Pants was born:

The Siefert family is a dynamic women's team that represents a unique collaboration of interests and expertise:

We started with a sister that was an engineering Director at Yale Center for Biomedical Innovation and Technology, with a double major in Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering and a minor in English at Carnegie Mellon University. She also has her PhD with Distinction in Biomedical Engineering from Yale University, completing her postdoctoral research in Immunobiology and Systems Biology at Yale School of Medicine. We are inspired by her work, as she has moved on. 

Our Chief Designer freelances for luxury womens designers in Palm Beach, Fl and Newport, RI, after working with Liz Claiborne, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Isoude. In addition, she designed an evening wear collection at Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week with Supima Cotton. She majored in Apparel Design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), completed a year of Furniture Design, and a concentration in Art History.  

Our Chief Financial Officer works at Citigroup as an AVP in Client Analytics.  She double majored in Finance and Economics at Villanova University, and studied abroad with Boston University in London, UK.  She has also founded a non-profit that fund raises for the Epilepsy Foundation. 

In addition, the final sister in the team is a Junior at Westover School in Middlebury, CT. She plays volleyball, lacrosse, and is in costume design. She is an avid skier and a phenomenal artist. 

The monarch of the team majored in art history at Villanova University and started out as a teachers aid in Middlebury, Connecticut... while raising 4 of us. Since then, she received her Teaching Certificate and Masters of Science of Teaching at Southern Connecticut State University, and has been an elementary and middle school art teacher in Naugatuck, Connecticut for 12 years since. 

We are all dedicated to keeping our minds and bodies active; we seek to learn and experiment, and we enjoy sharing knowledge more than anything.  


The Siefert Family... on an exciting day!

The Siefert family... on an exciting day!